Restaurant Under Linden

The restaurant is in the main building of the old farm.

We make our menu from locally produced goods whereas some are even organic. Everything is made from basic. The season defines which vegetables will enter the menu and during spring and summer, we harvest more and more from our own vegetable garden.

We care about the environment and we do avoid food waste. Therefore, we need you to book your table no later than the day before you want to dine in the restaurant.

It is very easy to find your way to the restaurant only 8 km from Örkelljunga and 15 km from Munka-Ljungby. You can reach the restaurant from Klippan, Markaryd, Ängelholm, Laholm and Helsingborg within 30 minutes driving.

If you do not want to go by car, it is brilliant to go by bike or you can take a bus. The bus between Ängelholm and Hässleholm (bus 511) stops at road 114 (bus stop Ekerödsvägen).  From here, the walking distance is about 1.5 km on paved road.

Serving and menu

We always serve the food directly at your table; Under Linden is buffet free zone! The menu often changes  depending of what we can harvest in this season. We always serve the same menu to all our guests.

“It is like dining at close friends. We know that we will have a very good dinner but until we come we do not know what it is the menu”.

Therefore, it is important for us to know if somebody have allergies or if there is something you absolutely do not want to eat.

Modern food

The food we prepare is what we like ourselves; modern food with influences from all over Europe. However, with a Nordic touch.

We do use spices, which come from all over the world and sometimes we even serve classical Danish food.

The goods that we prepare must be locally produced and the meat from “feeling good animals”.

Regarding wine, locally produced means Europe.

Surprise menu

From 1 May - 21. November

We serve a 3-course surprise dinner most of the year, Friday and Saturday evening.

However, at special occasions like the Christmas month, Mother’s day or Midsummer evening we compose a special menu.

We prepare the dinner based on the seasonal possibilities; i.e. we compose the menu when we see what we can harvest from our own vegetables garden or can buy from the local farms in Skåne.

Book a table
Closes 21. November  2020,

opens again 16. April 2021

Under Linden is an evening restaurant

Dinner is served Fridays and Saturdays at 18:30

We cook for those who have booked a table.

Please book your table by the day before.


Our reviews


Pls specify when booking - we love vegetarian food.

Gluten free?

We gladly make your food without gluten product and serve gluten-free bread. Specify when booking. Most of our food for everyone is naturally without gluten. However, traces of gluten can be found because we bake bread in our kitchen.


We cook either with a minimum of lactose maybe using butter (<0.7 g lactose / 100 g - and who eats 100 g butter 😊) and matured cheese (<0.1 g lactose / 100g).

Or we cook dairy-free. We do not use lactose-free dairies.

Please specify when ordering.

Allergy? Diabetic? Pregnant?

When booking – pls specify what you cannot eat