Hotel und Restaurant zwischen Örkelljunga und Ängelholm

Under Linden (unter der Linde) ist ein kleines Hotel und Gasthaus im Wald des südlichen Teil von Hallandsåsen, der Skåne und Halland trennt. Wir sind in bequemer Entfernung von den zwei Hauptautobahnen - 10 Minuten von der E4 und 20 Minuten von der E6 - in der Nähe von Örkelljunga und Ängelholm. Von Helsingborg sind wir nur 30 Minuten mit dem Auto entfernt.

Hier finden Sie die Wildnis von Skåne mit Wäldern, Felsen, und riesige Seen. Sie werden dies und noch viel mehr finden, wenn Sie sich entscheiden, uns einen Besuch abzustatten.

Wir haben Under Linden in diesem alten Skåne-Bauernhof aus dem 19. Jahrhundert gegründet. Hier bieten wir Ihnen Ruhe und Natur direkt vor Ihrem Fenster gemeinsam mit modernen Komfort. In unsreem Restaurant bieten wir Ihnen kulinarische Erlebnisse mit lokalen und / oder biologischen Produkten.


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Under Linden is a small hotel in Skåne between Örkelljunga and Ängelholm. Here you will find a cozy environment, good service, excellent food and fine wines. In the renovated old stable, you will stay in one of our unique rooms with the nature right outside your window. If you are looking for a stay with genuine homely coziness and with modern comfort, Under Linden is the right place to choose.
Restaurang Under LInden’


In the restaurant all the food is home cooked. We find the inspiration from what is produced locally throughout the year. We mainly buy the ingredients from the Skåne farmers and during summertime, we harvest more and more from our own kitchen yard. The food that we serve is what we like ourselves – modern food with influences from all over Europe. We always serve the food at your table; Under Linden is buffet free zone. We often change the menu during the season and if you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can adjust the menu to you.


Here at Under Linden you can book various hotel packages throughout the year. We offer packages, which can content golf, gourmet and wine package and special offers during December. We will gladly help you in adapting your package so you will get exactly what you are looking for.
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What to do

You will find us in the middle of the forest but we are close to lot of golf courses, MTB tracks, bird protection and fishing areas. If you prefer walking, the scenic Skåneleden runs nearby and you can go bathing in many lakes and the sea.


We offer conference facilities for up to 20 participants. We handle and organize your meeting as your wishes and we have everything you need for a perfect conference or meeting.

About Under Linden

Under Linden is an old Skåne farm from the 19th century, placed on the southern side of the Hallandsåsen in northwestern Skåne. We are aiming to combine the old farm’s charm, homeliness, and modern comfort.